They demonstrate the resistance of the Apple Watch Ultra


A couple of weeks ago a new incident appleAnd stand out among the announcements See Ultra, which promises to be one of the brand’s most durable devices. And now, they’ve worked to see if it’s as resistant as it’s supposed to be, from mild injuries to the same use of brute force.

This announcement was made through the channel YouTube Techrax, so that the watch is subjected to various tests, resulting in a durability that surpasses previous devices. It even got to a point where they hit it pretty hard, to the point that the table broke and its curtain. apple was intact

Here’s the video:

Vel Note that the tests were not limited to giving direct hits apple See, but they also launched it from different heights, and it was again a surprise when verifying that it had only minor scratches. But beyond that no major cracks were detected, hence the model Ultra Can be considered quite resistant.

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Through: Techrax


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