They discover the secret in Super Punch-Out!! After 28 years


The secrets of the world of video games are often discovered, either with codes or other interesting things, as happened in Sagas. Mario, Zelda, Final Fantasy, God of War And many more. But now, users have discovered a hidden mode Super Punch-Out!!, which resides inside the code.

While doing some on-demand work, I coincidentally found some new tricks in Super Punch-Out for the SNES. All secret codes in this game use two button combinations. Two of them are known: word test and Japanese name entry. But there are two more.

Specifically, it’s a two-player mode that can be unlocked by:

1. Two controls are connected.

2. Hold the RY buttons on the Player 2 controller at the home screen

3. Press Start or A on Player 1’s controller.

4. Choose the boxer that player 2 will control on the selection screen.

5. Hold down the BY buttons on the player 2 controller until the game starts

With this player 2 should control the opposing boxer and have access to all of his attacks. This is the emulator and confirmed to work Nintendo Switch Online Which means you can technically stay Super punch-out!! Online

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