They empty your account: These apps are very popular, cancel them immediately



Some very dangerous apps have been discovered that you should delete right away. The risk is that they infect your smartphone with a virus and empty your entire current account

even Most Popular Apps Can hide dangers that should not be underestimated. Especially in recent times, hackers and cybercriminals are focusing on services with maximum downloads Or offer useful solutions for those consumers.

20221009 Malware with
A new alarm has been triggered related to a very dangerous banking malware that has hit some apps with a lot of downloads (Adobe Stock)

And it’s not hard to go against it Malware and viruses Potentially very dangerous and which, among other things, can lead to data theft and complete emptying of current accounts. In the last few hours there has been a new alarm about this, it is better to be very careful and Remove affected software immediately.

Apps that drain accounts, here’s which ones to cancel immediately

There is a very dangerous virus that has been worrying users – and not a little – for the past few days. is called Sharkbot And it’s a malware that has spread widely across dozens of applications in the past.

20221009 Malware with
You should be very careful and delete the apps in question immediately, risking finding the account empty (Adobe Stock)

The complaint comes from NCC Group’s Threat Intelligence, an American organization that deals with IT issues and threats to users. To date, the focus has been on the banking malware in question United States. But perhaps it will soon flood Europe as well.

Some data is analyzed in this sense, related to viruses spread on the net. Despite various operating system defenses, the possibility of attack is very high. That is why it is better to defend yourself with all possible weapons. Among the best known apps that have been infected, we find Mr. Phone Cleaner e Kylhavy mobile security. These two apps, which recorded a total of 60,000 downloads, are potentially many victims.

What to do to protect yourself? First, of course Delete the application from your smartphone If you have them installed. And more generally, be careful about what you download, perhaps using a good antivirus that can report any anomalies. Sharkbot has the potential to attack other software, even with higher download numbers. there warning In this case the best shield remains.


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