They make a battery that can be charged for centuries


Quite a long time ago or even nowadays, many electronic devices used batteries to function properly, especially those that did not need to be connected to an electrical current. And now, they’ve invented what could be a potential solution to the energy crisis, a battery that lasts for centuries on a charge.

called project Nano Diamond, a battery that charges itself and can last 28,000 years, much longer than its owners. It bears the name of those who are making it NDB. The company uses graphite from plants, purifies it and uses it to make carbon diamonds, a structure that acts as a semiconductor and heat sink.

It is worth mentioning that this will help the ecology, since the energy consumption for recharging will be completely non-existent.


These diamonds are coated with a layer of inexpensive, non-radioactive, lab-grown carbon-12 diamonds with energetic particles, which prevent radiation leakage and act as a safe protective layer. For its part, its supercapacitor collects, stores and distributes charge instantaneously.

It will even fit any size or standard including AA, AA and some square shaped batteries For now, the sale of these inventions is not confirmed, but the company is willing to distribute them if the tests are good. It may seem ironic, but then you don’t have to carry a portable console like that game boy

Through: NDB


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