They present James Gunn’s plans for DC movies




A few days ago it was confirmed that there are now two new vice presidents of the film department DCThey are neither more nor less Peter Safran y james song, something that has excited fans of this filmmaker. Given this, some of what the team will implement is revealed, as they may build on some previous work.

This is what the CEO said Warner Bros. Discovery, David ZaslavRegarding Intrusion of Creatives:

For them, running DC Studios is a passion project, not just a job. James is a brilliant storyteller who holds the distinction of being the first and only filmmaker for both Marvel and DC. Peter is a prolific producer whose credits include DC’s highest-grossing film, Aquaman, as well as all of The Conjuring, the most successful horror franchise of all time. I couldn’t be more excited to have you join our ranks. And I’m excited for what’s to come. I’ve spent a lot of time with James and Peter over the past few months, discussing our long-term strategy and plans for DC’s future in television, animation and film. They have a strong vision and model that will lead to a more integrated creative approach. This will allow us to realize the full value of one of the world’s most iconic franchises. They are working hard now.

It is expected that the gun y saffron Creatively and financially oversees almost all of the upcoming movies and TV shows for the next four years DCIn addition to its sequel the joker. For now, there are projects that have moved on to others, so seeing anything from either of them might be a bit far-fetched, especially until the villain movie comes out. 2024.

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Publisher’s Note: It is not new that some of the recent films of the company have failed, as we have already seen with the recent Black Adam. But adding Gunn could mean a resurgence for DC, hopefully all positive.


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