They produced a film based on Amber Heard’s case against Johnny Depp


Undoubtedly, it was one of the most publicized media cases on social networks Amber Heard opposite Johnny Depp, who filed a defamation suit against the actor by his ex-wife. And now it is certain that the matter will not end cold the pipe A film adaptation of the story is in preparation.

Who will be the heroes and heroines of the film? Mark Hapka and Megan Davis, and project name Hot Take: The Deep/Hard Trial. It doesn’t have a planned release date yet, but hopefully it won’t take that long. For its part, Sara Lohmann, who worked previously, is in charge of directing Secrets of the Woods.

He commented like this Adam LewinsonHead of content the pipeRegarding tape confirmation:

Together with our partners at MarVista, this Tubi original quickly began to capture a timely vision of the story that has become part of today’s culture, offering a unique portrayal of what millions watched on headlines last summer.

It is clear through this comment the pipe Within days of the case ending, he rushed to acquire the rights to the story. Something that will probably come to fruition once it’s released officially or on streaming platforms.

Through: EW


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