They released a new trailer for Dragon Ball: The Breakers


Created the newest game of the franchise Akira Toriyama, dragon ball: breakers, one of the most controversial with fans, because the genre is quite interesting, since this time it focuses on a survival game. However, many are haunted by it, so Bandai Namco More gameplay trailers continue to be released.

within its framework Tokyo Game Show 2022A new video has been shown which focuses on the arrival of more characters in the game, among them Majin Bu. Who will be one of the main villains of the side the freezer y cell. And also the farmer, who along with other common avatars, will be one of the survivors to control in the games.

Here’s the trailer:

Note that in 1971 Dragon Ball: Breakers Each character will have different abilities, so they will be elements that must work as a team to get out of the game alive. In addition, constant updates are promised Bandai Namcowhich will add new elements and guest characters.

Note that the game will launch PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch and PC The 18 October.

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