They share a secret regarding Rengoku’s farewell to Demon Slayer


One of the anime series that has changed the most Monster SlayerWhich was a new turn after the farewell Kyozuro Rengoku, a character who was central to the complex story. And now, one of the anime’s stars has shared the secrets that this farewell carries for the character, revealing very specific concepts of war.

Last scene of the series Rengoku changed the course of the franchise, with insight into what we’ll see in season three and beyond, and the voice stars behind Tanjiro Kamado, Natsuki Hanai, talked about acting in these scenes. As the actor explained, saying goodbye to this unique character was such an emotional moment for the cast and crew.

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when Hanai Talked about its last scene Tanjiro con Rengoku, revealed that she couldn’t stop crying during the recording. He explained that the voice actor Dr Rengoku (Satoshi Hino) is his senpai and thus the script sounds like real life advice to him. The emotions were fitting for the moment, as she carried these strong emotions and sadness at the same time. Hana explains that she wants these scenes to feel as real as possible, so she puts all her feelings into them.

He even mentions shouting Tanjiro He didn’t prepare them, since they were completely improvised, so the scene would be somewhat new for himself and for followers of the series.

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