They show a version of Gears of War 3 for the PlayStation 3


So much for today PlayStation As Xbox They have consecrated Sagas which can never reach the opposite console, a clear example of this Hello y God of War. However, one user achieved the impossible, since he was able to successfully deal with the rumored version of it. Gears of war 3 Of PS3Something that was believed to be somewhat extinct.

In the channel known as Linus Tech TipsThey reveal how to manage to get a console development kit SonyWhose name bears DECR-1000A reference tool And it has been commented to be worth $ 50,000 USD And during his video, a guided tour of all the elements of this piece that shouldn’t be shown to the public.

It is worth mentioning that at any time the user commented that people should take the opportunity to watch it, as the company may send a complaint to download the video.

Here you can see it:

As seen in the video, its development kit PlayStation 3 It has been working without any problems, even the user has been able to access PlayStation Network Incidentally, some games were installed inside it, here they are included. A little bigger planet Of Media molecule And the first episode of it Life is weird Of Don’t Nod Entertainment.

However, what caught our attention was the presence of its version PS3 For Gears of War 3, It was already known about its existence, but a gameplay on the console never came to light. The best thing is that they showed a few minutes of how it works, resulting in a lack of fluidity, especially around 20 fps.

Publisher’s Note: Undoubtedly, it is quite interesting to see these types of prototypes. Since a few months ago they also released Sonic Test games for SEGA Genesis. So hopefully we’ll see more rare cases of lost hardware and software. It would be nice to know more about how this PS3 kit works.

Via: Linus Tech Tips


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