They show Eddie’s best visual training in Stranger Things


The season finale premiered about two weeks ago Stranger Things, Which presents mixed feelings on the part of the characters who win the hearts of the masses. Was one of them Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn)Who literally stole a whole scene from serving the famous song Metallica, master of dolls.

The show’s writers even took the time to videotape the actor ready for the role, who apparently isn’t just playing randomly on the guitar. Rather, he is actually serving one cover after another of the song and this is because he already had previous experience of playing this musical instrument.

Video here:

Practice is the key to success.

He has made such a comment Joseph Quinn When interviewed about this particular scene:

I’ve played the guitar since I was very young, so I was lucky to have a foundation out there. But as I said, when I read the scripts, the next morning I go out and buy a guitar and start learning ‘Master of Puppets’ like crazy.

That day, Gaten Matarazzo and I climbed to the top of the caravan. It was fun. I’ve played most of it. We had a kind of metallic black belt to work alone because I was a man. It’s very fast, but the rest, I try my best to understand. It was fun.

It is noteworthy that the band themselves reacted to the scene at that time and liked the end result. Is added through Tick ​​tock They did a duet to accompany Eddie Large doses of flash action, sacrifice and rock and roll in this scene.

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