They show the first portable PS5 They show the first portable PS5


Whenever the most creative players have something in mind, they somehow bring it to reality, it has been seen with remakes. Metroway 2Adaptation from one console to another and even a Nintendo 64 That works with real cartridges. However, one group wants to take the next Jane everywhere PlayStation 5 Portable.

The company known as Indigaming Set to work to keep its own console in a portable format, although this is a somewhat uncertain definition because it doesn’t fit right in the palm of the hand. But in a briefcase where they introduce both a monitor and a console component so that it is carried almost everywhere.


Project name Poga LuxAnd brings a stay experience PS5 On other horizons, however, it certainly needs a power supply to be able to work. For its part, speakers are included as a complement to the experience, and there are USB ports for charging dualsense controls that download at a slightly faster speed.

It is worth mentioning that this model is not cheap to achieve, because it costs a few 500 1,500 euros Roughly, it would be the equivalent of just over $ 30,000 Mexican pesos. This is more than double the price of the original console, so only the richest fans will be able to get their hands on this collector’s item to play on holiday.

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