This 3D-printed DIY camera has interchangeable lenses and sensors


Electronics Engineer Gaurab Singh Made one Open source USB 3.0 camera. Even better, the compact camera uses interchangeable lenses and sensors.

As Described in, Singh’s camera design includes a pair of main boards, an FPGA and another USB, which operates a third interchangeable sensor board. You can easily replace the sensor board, so the camera is flexible and can be adjusted to suit your needs, until you find parts that will work with other components.

Since Singh uses a stacked board design, the camera also has a small footprint. Each board is 27 x 27 mm, and the camera is basically a cube. The USB controller board communicates with your PC, and the FPGA board allows the USB controller board and image sensor board to communicate. So far, Singh has designed a camera module PCB. It is compatible with Sony IMX290, IMX327 and IMX462 image sensors. These sensors have the same resolution – about 2MP – and footprint

As DIY photography Writes, ‘This is a fairly involved project, with each PCB being as small and compact as a six-tiered board to deal with the amount of complexity they need to deal with. But those three small PCBs all fit inside a 3D printed case with an aluminum thread mount on the front for mounting the lens and a hole in the back for a Type-C USB connection for power and data communication. ‘

Although the Sing camera is primarily designed for industrial use, it can be used for other applications. It can be used as a webcam, or with some modifications, you can use it to collect time-lapse image data or as a trail or surveillance camera.

Since the project is open source, all the necessary files are available. On the horn Website, You will find files for PCBs and 3D printed parts. Camera power code is on GitHub.

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