This AI is impressively translating sound into images


(Pocket-Lint) – There are a number of interesting artificial intelligence systems that have been created to create image-based commands. We’ve written before about Google’s Imagine Tool, which has such an impressive power that the company doesn’t realize it to the public for fear of abuse.

Although there are other systems using generative adverbial networks and AI to create similar images. One of them is DALL-E 2 and Dal-i Mini Which took the online storm.

Dal-e2 It is itself an artificial system that claims to create realistic images and works of art based on the user’s descriptive input in natural language. Some of them are significant, interesting and fascinating. For your enjoyment we have collected some of the best we have seen.

DemoGorgan of Stranger Things holds on to basketball

If you’ve seen Stranger Things, you know what Demogorgon is. But what does the creature do in its downtime? This user imagined that he would like to shoot some hoops.

Still quite scary. Imagine taking a stand against this beast in court. Although we are fascinated by the pictures made here. These aren’t perfect, but it fits nicely with the life of the fictional monster and vice versa.

Hamster Godzilla’s legendary attack wearing a tiny sombrero

The thing we like about this AI generation is the number of different requirements that you can add to your photo request and still be included in the results.

It tells of a giant Godzilla-shaped hamster wearing a sombrero and attacking Tokyo. But he is also doing it while being imprisoned in Dashcam.

Mark Zuckerberg as a ventriloquist dummy

You’ve probably seen a lot of memes from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg in the past, but have you ever seen him as a dummy?

This scene will definitely fit nicely into the horror and social media related horror flicks.

llamago / craiyon

Gaming diapers

People often joke about taking more time to play games if they don’t have to do annoying things like eating, drinking or doing other real life activities. Now with AI we can see what happens if you take it to the extreme.

We find it interesting that AI has chosen Razer’s green color as the main focus of these gaming diapers.

thmztk / craiyonThis AI is impressively transforming words into image photos

Atomic explosion broccoli

Is that what Mom meant when she said we should eat greens? If you don’t they will go nuclear. Your job is to save humanity from the dangers of giant broccoli.

AnbuWeegee / craiyonThis AI is impressively translating words into image photo 6

The Hindenburg disaster of Fortnite

We’ve seen a number of special events at Fortnite over the last few years, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see an airship of epic proportions (although it would rarely be a novel). The Hindenburg catastrophe can be seen to happen in the game though a little more.

Souran’s eyes are reading the newspaper

We enjoy seeing fictional characters come to life with real-world activities Especially the moderate activities that take place under their station, such as reading a newspaper.

A bottle of ranch dressing is testifying in court

Some court hearings may not have cameras and an artist’s rendering is required for what happened. We think this is a perfect demonstration of what it could be like if a bottle took position.

Cucumber connection four

If you haven’t got the original Connect Four game, why not make your own? We imagine it will be messy, but at least you can eat it later.

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Darth Vader meets Pingu

Some of these AI creations are a little more abstract than others, but to put it bluntly, the idea was quite abstract to start with.

We like that Darth Vader has the same penguin legs as the penguin. He fits right in.

Egyptian murals by Daft Punk

The Egyptians had some interesting artwork and many already believed they were aliens so it makes perfect sense to see an analogy of Deep Punk on their walls.

Spaghetti printer

One day we are very likely to have food 3D printed. There are some examples where this is already happening, but how would Italians feel about pasta from a printer?

Skeletal water slides down

AI seems to be having a lot of trouble with the skull and skeletal bones but at least here it has been tried to create the right feeling. If only there were some body to have fun with the skeleton. See what we have?

Teletubbies rusted at the bottom of the sea

Some of these AI creations are horrible. Someone here requested to watch a teletube that was rusty and covered in barnacles. The end result will be nightmares for the kids.

SpaceX has launched Big Ben

Here the user asks for a SpaceX launch mixed with Big Ben. We like that it started out like a SpaceX rocket next to a giant clock but eventually the rocket itself transformed into the Big Ben.

Trail cam footage of Sonic the Hedgehog

We imagine that if you try to catch Sonic the Hedgehog on a trail cam you will probably only get a blue blur, but maybe you can catch him off guard at some downtime and that will be the result.

MRI image of Darth Vader

If Darth Vader had to go for an MRI scan, would he keep his helmet on? Or would the clinical staff present dare ask him to remove it? What will the scan look like? We do not know.

Snoop Doug’s courtroom sketch sued by Snoopy

We like it on multiple levels, not only because of the AI ​​artwork but also because of the concept of Snoopy suing Snoop. Funny thing.

Drawn by Dumpster Fire Monet

We’re not sure Monet will know what Dumpster is, but we like how well AI translates his style into a modern image.

Alien Invasion by Vincent van Gogh

Another artist has recreated their style by AI. We think this may actually be the most accurate entertainment that AI is capable of.

Writes Adrian Willings.

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