This app saves your life: turning point for all motorists


Google Maps and Apple Maps have changed the lives of millions of motorists. But in the fairy world of smartphone apps, there are things that turn it around, remind you that it’s time for that pesky overhaul, or whatever else you need to know to keep your car in good health. Electric or not, it does the same.

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Juspas and its app Enel X It allows you to manage all the recharges of your electric vehicle wherever you are At home – with your juicebox – thanks to the charging infrastructure distributed throughout the Italian and European region in cities, urban and suburban streets and in numerous strategic points (supermarkets, car parks and shopping centres).

It is simple, convenient, versatile. Easy because both can be downloaded on mobile phones of its download brands green robot, Android symbol, branded from both devices fair The world’s most famous, the Apple icon, enables biometric data to log in and set your preferred language. Convenient because a coupon code is on JuiceWallet You can access countless facilities, versatile as it finds nearby recharging points, allows you to find costs and schedules, book and consult cost history.

App for car manufacturers

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Plug share Boasting over a million downloads, its credibility is confirmed by an excellent 4.7, the result of user feedback. Download the most accurate EV and Tesla charging station maps. Find electric car charging stations, leave reviews and connect with other plug-in car owners This is the world’s most accurate and complete public charging map, featuring stations from many of the major networks in North America, Europe and the rest of the world.

A must have app for electric car owners. Owners allow EV App to find compatible public charging stations, view station ratings or add them, check if the desired station is open, pay for charging directly in the app with PlugShare (at participating locations), monitor recharge payments directly with PlugShare, easily To set applicable intelligent filters.

For the rest there are those advertising personalities. Or better yet, those of car manufacturers, made especially for their customers. Opel customers will surely know my opel. One of the most well-known is of course the app made by Pirelli, On the Road. It’s a pity that it can only be downloaded in the App Store: it can check all aspects of the car’s health and especially the tires. If it’s time to change the wheel, or everything is fine.

Make the app similar Michelin: is called my car, Manages cars with tires and reminds you of deadlines thanks to the smartphone interface.

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