This armchair is designed to listen to music at the volume you want and without headphones: no one will hear you! –


In a smart world, let the new generation of armchairs be absent. Which are made not only for their primitive mood, i.e. to relax people, but also to listen to music at the volume you want and without headphones.

Luxe Silent –

luxury, A Venetian company that specializes in design chairs for office and community environments boasts a centuries-old manufacturing tradition, it’s called Dumbledore, and it’s a bit magical, just like the headmaster. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and WizardryIn the world of Harry Potter.

Luxir Dumbledore new Ready smart which combines design and technology to serve its customers. It was developed in collaboration with NTT Sonority Corporation and Tangity, a design studio that is part of NTT Data Networks.

Enter the world of high-tech furniture: immersive experiences are served

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Luxe Silent –

It already boasts a record: it is the first chair in the world that allows you to experience all musical instruments and sound sources Without using headphones or earphonesNot even being able to hear anyone nearby, not even a hum.

It connects like a normal Bluetooth speaker and includes a long-lasting rechargeable battery. It is equipped with a built-in microphone that cancels out surrounding noise and transmits only the sound of your own voice. clearly Dedicated to greenThanks to its coating, which is strictly eco-sustainable.

Technological innovation and aesthetic research were conceived as such: it is a strong response to the new need for efficiency and comfort that arose with the covid-19 pandemic and the widespread introduction of smart-working. Prevents sound from spreading into the environment.

With him you can work, which radiates with relaxation, open space office but simply a home. “We went further”. This is how Luxi president Giuseppe Cornetto Borlot explains. “We sat around the table with technology heroes at the international level and tried to imagine our answer

Roberto Roego, on the other hand, puffed out his chest: “With Dumbledore, enters the world of high-tech furniture – confirms – The combination of technology and design has once again proven to be a winner: we want to be a smart proposition for today’s professionals in the office and at home, responding to the technical and organizational challenges that characterize new ways of working.

Meet Dumbledore Salone del Mobile (Luxury | 10 | B04) and at the Fuorisalone da Casa Luxy (Catella Foundation, Via G. De Castillia 28) and will be available to try by appointment: the immersive experience is served.


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