This carbon composite camera body cap has a secret bogie for the Apple Airtag.



Earlier this month, we shared news of an Australian man recovering গ 6,000 worth of camera gear for an Apple AirTag. However, as we mentioned, his airtag was in clear view, and if the thief could have predicted the final result, he could have dropped the airtag long before it was tracked. Being able to hide an AirTag would be ideal, especially since they have become more familiar. Camera and computer accessories company Nine volts Announced AircapA nondescript carbon fiber composite body cap with a secret buggy that you can use to store an Apple AirTag ensures that your camera can be detected without warning if it has a tracker in it if it is incorrectly moved or stolen.

Unfortunately, cameras are a popular target for criminals who want to make quick money because they are relatively small and easy to sell. Furthermore, photographers are often found in predictable, high-traffic areas, such as popular tourist destinations. You can keep an AirTag or other similar product in your bag, but thieves often separate the camera from the rest of the bag or case in a short order. But who will remove the body cap of the camera?

AirCap is available on six mounts, including the typical Canon RF, Sony E and Nikon Z mounts. It is also available on Fujifilm GFX, PL and Phase One XF mounts Each AirCap costs $ 49 regardless of the mount mount. You can Buy AirCap directly from Nine Vault.

If you have a camera, an AirCap and AirTag will cost you around $ 80 It’s relatively inexpensive for photography accessories, and this purchase can save you a lot of heartache down the street. As we wrote last time about stolen camera gear, whether you have airtags or not, it’s important to be careful about your gear and make sure you have insurance, especially if your camera gear is your livelihood, and keep track of your gear serial. Numbers if you need to track stolen devices online.


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