This iPhone is worth millions of dollars: everyone knows the model Don’t miss the details



An iPhone worth millions of dollars? This is no joke, it really exists and has some crazy features to say the least. We are obviously talking about a unique version that is causing discussion

cost Smartphone Keep going up a little for inflation, a little for increasingly advanced materials, a little for technical specifications that reach insane levels. If you want to get your hands on a performing phone, it’s become (almost) mandatory to spend triple-zero figures.

iPhone 14 20221106
There is a special iPhone that costs $15 million. An incredible image dictated by a specific reason (Adobe Stock)

New ones have come out recently iPhone 14, And the speech hasn’t changed. Even just for a standard 128 GB model, you need to get your wallet and spend just under 1000 euros. But if you think these prices are exorbitant, hold on tight: there’s a model that costs 15 million dollars!

An iPhone costs 15 million dollars, so

It really exists and has been in the market for 10 years. This is one in particular iPhone 5, which was taken by designer Stuart Hughes and recreated to reach an unprecedented final cost. As you can imagine, we are talking about the most expensive smartphone in the world. This is a unique piece, which was ordered by a Chinese businessman whose identity has not been disclosed.

iPhone 14 20221106
This Unique Piece of iPhone 5 Made Entirely of Diamonds and Gold, Wanted by a Rich Chinese Man (Screenshot)

One was first created to reach such a high personality 26-carat gold shell, With the home button replaced by a black diamond. On the side, there are as many as 600 diamonds set. Another 53 of these are found emblazoning the Apple logo on the back. But not only aesthetic, because the changes are also structural. For example, the designer decided to replace Gorilla glass with sapphire crystal. In this way, scratch resistance has been increased.

It took the phone in question to finish manufacturing 9 whole weeks. The iPhone in question costs $15 million, not including the black diamond that replaces the home button. The latter was already owned by the Chinese businessman, who decided to give it to device manufacturers for full customization.


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