This iPhone trick is amazing: with two fingers you do magic It’s that simple –


Among the many features of iPhone, there are some hidden features which are very useful and can change your life. Here’s one that specifically considers how to group and store images

The wait for its update is increasing apple Designed for its operating system. We have already spoken to you several times iOS 16, the software is coming to iPhone next September which promises to bring with it a lot of useful news. But not just the ones already announced, because there will almost certainly be many more hidden and gone discovered from time to time.

This iPhone hack will definitely make your life easier and you probably don’t know it yet (Adobe Stock)

In this chaos of news and useful techniques, we often forget what tools they are Already available on iPhone But very few people know this. One of particular concern is the method Save the image via google. If you want to download multiple photos, you don’t have to do it all at once. There is a very quick and perfect gesture for this type of operation.

How to save multiple photos at once on iPhone

Download the image
Download the image

If you want to save multiple images at the same time Google Images And if you’re using an iPhone, know a little trick that will make your life easier. First, open Safari and access the search engine in the section dedicated to photos At this point, type Search bar Find what you want and wait for the results. All you have to do is hold down a specific file and drag your finger – holding it on the screen – to the photos you want to save.

You will see that Some sort of grouping will be created including all selected images. Once you’ve made your selections, you can exit Safari and go to Photos. Do not remove your finger from the screen. Once in the app dedicated to images, publish the collection and magically all your images will be saved. nothing easy, A gesture is as secret as it is useful.

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