This is the cheapest 8K screen on the market right now



Samsung 55 inch QLED Q900 8K TV – $2,497/£1,951 from Dell (Roughly 3,428)

If you want to make the jump to 8K now rather than waiting, Dell is offering a 29 percent discount on this 55-inch 8K Ultra HD TV from Samsung. It comes with HDR10+, 8K AI upscaling, FreeSync technology and more.

8K is one of the most hyped technologies in recent times in the world of display and AV. The resolution, which is 16 times that of full HD (1080p), promises to raise motion picture to a new level, especially when combined with other features like HDR10+.

While businesses and users are still adjusting to 4K, a technology that was unveiled nearly a decade ago now, it’s in the entertainment industry that 8K is making the biggest strides. It explains why there’s a grand total of one 8K monitor launched worldwide (the grandiose 3-year old Dell UltraSharp 32 8K otherwise known as the UP3218K).


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