This is the number of people who have lost their jobs at large companies




Recently there have been reports in the world of large number of layoffs in various companies, some may be due to inflation, others due to change of managers, or even due to transfer from one company to another. Therefore, many must be looking for jobs as we write.

the amazon

This is what is being said recently the amazon There will be significant cuts in staff, with around 10,000 people being laid off. That’s because they’re looking to use their resources to power technology research for their own devices like Alexa and its artificial intelligence.


Another of the companies laying off is Twitter, as its new owner Elon Musk looks to give the company a twist, with his first order of business being the decision to pay for verification popcorn. Added to this were several employee layoffs, with an estimated 5,500 of them gone.

It is worth commenting that quite a few of them come from the PR department and have to work with the communications department.


One company that joins the layoffs is Disney, as losses in the millions of dollars are reported, and since things can’t be afforded, it’s clear they have to cut staff. A number has not been given, but for a fixed percentage that is tried to be reduced, it is possible that 2,000 to 3,000 users will have to find other jobs.


A few weeks ago it was also announced that Microsoft would plan to kill some of its employees, it was noted that it could be 1% of them and if taken into account, the total could reach 1,800. This is to fund some pending projects not only in the video game segment with Xbox, but in many other categories.


Metaverse wasn’t a big hit for Mark Zuckerberg and turned into a loss, meaning the company cut costs in whatever bets it was making. And this percentage can be considered significant, since it was recently reported that 11,000 people left their posts in this entity.

Now that we review all of these companies, if we add up the layoffs, there are about 30,300 people who are currently looking for a new opportunity. Although perhaps less users are taking a breather for the time being.


Editor’s Comment: Undoubtedly, large companies are not touching their hearts that people should leave their company, the worst thing is that they are telling them that their functions are not 100% expendable. So in the end, we can easily be considered replaceable.


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