This is why Pixel 7’s design is better



Like last year, Google makes a mistake as the new Pixel phones have a slightly different and possibly better design The alleged premium look of the Pixel 7 Pro doesn’t just have friends in the community, and we understand it.

The Pixel 7 Pro looks supposedly high quality, but is prone to scratches

With the Pixel 7, Google uses a matte finish for the metal frame, while the Pixel 7 Pro is polished and glossy. Unfortunately not for a really long time, because this surface takes fingerprints very easily on the one hand, but above all it scratches very quickly.

Pixel 7 V Pixel 7 Pro De Ign 2
Pixel 7 V Pixel 7 Pro De Ign 1

The Pixel 7 Pro had its first visible scratch in the camera area after just a few days, and not just for me. I don’t even want to know what it will look like in a few months.

Pixel 7 Pro Scratch

The Pixel 7 doesn’t have that. The matte casing frame does not show a scratch in the same period and is significantly less susceptible to fingerprints. It also has a better grip in the hand.

Pixel 7 camera frame Gehau e

Curved display is no longer a problem

On the other hand, what I no longer share with my colleagues is the alleged advantage of the Pixel 7’s flat display. I’m not a curved fan either, but the Pixel 7 Pro’s display is very slightly curved. Barely perceptible to the eye and soft to the finger during operation.

Pixel 7 V Pixel 7 Pro De Ign 3
Pixel 7 V Pixel 7 Pro De Ign 4

With the Pixel 7, Google even allowed itself a weakness in manufacturing. The housing frame extends slightly around the display, making it look almost a bit sharper on the finger. This was not the case with the Pixel 6.

The Pixel 7 has a better design for several reasons

Whether matte or glossy looks better is a very individual question of taste. I like the matte look a little more. But above all, the mentioned advantages are important, especially when it comes to longevity and suitability for daily use. With the Pixel 8, Google has a new opportunity.

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