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Upon release Our last part I, The video game industry has been infected by a virus, only it won’t turn you into a clicker. Instead, the public has taken advantage of these past few days to turn Naughty Dog’s act into a sensation. One of the conversations we saw discussed the total sales of an entire series, and after looking at these numbers, No wonder PlayStation considers this one of its biggest features.

Through his official Twitter account, Benji Sales, an industry analyst, shared A series of quite interesting data regarding its sales our end, Its remastering and sequels.

At its launch in 2013, our end The PS3 managed to sell 1.3 million units. Later, that number rose to 3.4 in its third week on the market. By 2018, the game managed to collect 17 million units. The last number divided indicates that Counting here and its 2014 remastering, Naughty Dog’s work has sold more than 20 million copies to date.

For its part, Our last part II It was the biggest launch for a PlayStation property with four million units in just three days. Two years after its release on PS4, The sequel reached 10 million units, It substantially multiplies what its predecessor achieved.

Although it is too early to know the performance at the moment Our last part I, It is very likely that its initial sales will be higher than what was recorded with the original launch, but they won’t top what the sequel produced. We can only wait for PlayStation to share official information during a shareholder meeting or in a statement.

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Via: Benji Sales

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