This Latin American country is experiencing a great increase in YouTube premiums



Much talked about in recent months is the problem of inflation of goods that are not considered essential, especially in Latin American countries where taxes are high. But Argentina has been hit the hardest by currency fluctuations, and now new evidence has come via YouTube. Recently, YouTube Premium subscribers in Argentina received an email informing them of an imminent price increase. Specifically, this will be from 21 November onwards, when customers will see this price change, ie, on their next billing date after that time.
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So, YouTube Premium’s personal plan will increase from 119 to 389 pesos (Argentina) per month, while family will go from 179 to 699 pesos per month. That means the increase will be 227% and 290.5% respectively. Something that may sound a bit crazy, but with the constant ups and downs of currencies it can be normal. This increase is nothing new for the country, as services like Disney Plus and even Spotify already have prices that are not very accessible, figures that are slowly increasing. For its part, Argentina will also be one of the victims in that Netflix won’t allow password sharing, for which it will charge more per additional household. Via: XDA
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