This might be your first look at the OnePlus 8T



OnePlus 8 selfie macro

  • OnePlus’ Android 11 developer code may have provided imagery of the OnePlus 8T.
  • It wouldn’t be a radical break from the current OnePlus 8 design.
  • The improvements may primarily be on the inside.

You might not have to wonder what the OnePlus 8T will look like, at least when you’re staring at the screen.

Sleuths digging through OnePlus’ Android 11 Developer Preview 4 code (via Venkatesh Babu.G) have found an image of what appears to be the front of the OnePlus 8T. If so, there won’t be any radical break in design from the OnePlus 8. It would still have the hole-punch camera and a familiar color scheme.

oneplus 8t android 11 leak

Keep in mind this could very well be a placeholder image. The render looks to be legitimate, but it’s important to take leaks like this with a grain of salt.

The preview doesn’t show the back or otherwise provide details about the 8T, unfortunately. Previous code leaks suggested the 8T and 8T Pro might upgrade to 64MP primary cameras versus the 48MP sensors in the existing OnePlus 8 line.

T-series phone upgrades are typically modest and focus more on performance and slight design tweaks. If that’s the case with the 8T, you might see the Snapdragon 865 Plus and other tweaks to keep OnePlus’ higher-end phones relevant for several months.

It’s not certain when the OnePlus 8T family will arrive. OnePlus launched the 8 line in April, so an 8T could arrive in early-to-mid fall. There’s also no indication as to what the price might be, although an incremental update suggests there might not be significant price hikes. These devices are about fending off competition, not pushing the limits, and the cost will likely reflect that.

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