This mouse looks great, is practical and beautifully designed, and it’s an origami –



There are all kinds of rats, but we know them mainly for their basic use. They can be from home, office or gaming, but the fact remains that anyone must use one to be able to use the computer properly; It’s literally impossible to do, even with a touchpad. But have you ever seen an origami mouse?

This mouse looks great, is practical, and beautifully designed, and it's… Origami
This mouse is more special than it seems –

Computers and work have evolved, but now so do mice

By now it is well known: following its epidemic outbreak Covid-19Many people have discovered the convenience and freedom of working from the office in a smarter and more flexible way, allowing them to carry out their tasks anywhere and with absolute comfort.

Therefore, the possibility of moving everywhere has also expanded, which means that everyone has chosen to continue moving to different places even while working remotely through their own means. Internet connection. Even the latter, which was once accessible only through routers, is now comfortably offered through mobile data.

And it’s on this basis that the Air.O team thought of designing their new mouse, launching a Kickstarter campaign to create a foldable mouse. Origami. What is amazing about this device
This is the thickness, which is only 4.5mm even though the part with the sensor is a little higher.

Is it special just because of its shape? No, it also has some interesting elements

However, the mouse is not only very thin, but also light: it weighs only 40 grams. Apart from these elements we cannot fail to mention its solidity and autonomy. The developer They announce that it has three months of battery life thanks to the benefits brought by the Bluetooth 5.2 standard.

As can be easily imagined, the product is already attractive to many users, which is why the project is already well collected and fully funded 87.464 eurosMuch more than an image 10.043 euros Set as a goal, and the Kickstarter campaign is still several days away.

If you’re interested, know that the cost is $49, when scheduled for delivery March 2023. It’s definitely not the type of mouse for prolonged gaming sessions, but we can’t help but admit that such products are one of a kind.

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