This new feature on Twitter – thanks to – ​​has ended the character limit



A real revolution is about to come on Twitter. Thanks for the note, there will no longer be a 280 character limit for users – all you need to know is

Again today Twitter Remains one of the most used social platforms in the world. Millions of tweets are posted every day from both celebrities / companies and general users. The idea of ​​the developers is the word “Ride the Wave” Additional features and useful news.

Twitter Note 20220623
Thanks to the introduction of Twitter Notes, the 280 character limit for each single tweet will be reduced (Unsplas)

This has already happened several times in recent years to see the introduction of tools that move away from the usual ‘something’. Just thinking Space , Which allows the ED to access real rooms where certain topics can be discussed with other people. According to what has emerged, another revolutionary feature will come soon: we are talking Comments.

Twitter Notes, a feature that reaches the 280-character limit

Twitter Note 20220623
Here’s what you need to know about it, already tested in the United States (Adobe Stock)

Is called CommentsAnd this is the latest feature that will soon join its universe Twitter. Users will have the opportunity to publish longer content than usual, thus surpassing the current classics. 280 character limit. The news was launched by the TechCrunch portal, which allows articles to be created using advanced formatting and the possibility to attach images or videos, which others can safely do. Save and share on your wall.

The first test has already started within these hours, with some Selected users in the United States They are previewing the note for any bugs or errors. As explained by developer Jane Manchun Wong, we are actually talking about a tool that has been working for months. Initially he should have been called Twitter articles, With the formatting tools present in a bar located at the top of the screen. In the end it was decided to go to the note with a very similar and potentially effective concept for millions of customers around the world.


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