This Skyrim mod turns Solitude into a kaleidoscopic acid trip because why not



As if it hasn’t been said enough, I’ll say it again—2020 sucked. It was bleak, miserable, overall just a bit crap and oh yeah, pandemic. I think that’s why I’ve been leaving the dark broody games behind in pursuit of more colourful, wholesome experiences like Calico. But now there’s a Skyrim mod that lets you experience the best of both worlds.

The Pastel Fettuccine retexture mod transforms Solitude, one of the biggest cities in the game, into an absolutely bonkers pastel paradise. Absolutely everything is pastel—the bricks, the foliage, the windows, the shop signs—everything. Even gold coins get the uwu treatment, being inscribed with ‘notice me senpai.’

Pastel Fettuccine Skyrim Mod

(Image credit: Bethesda/lucypurrrr)

The mod comes from ‘myself and my worst enemy, who is conveniently also myself’—or lucypurrrr, for short. But why is it called Pastel Fettuccine, you might ask? Lucypurrrr kindly explains that the name is an acronym, which stands for Pretty Awful Silly Textures Eagerly Left For Everyone That Thinks Unbearable Cuteness Can’t Interrupt Normal Enjoyment.

From the mod page: “Pastel Fettuccine is a retexture mod that aims to make the world of Skyrim cute and colourful, cause cute n colourful things are great and make me happy so maybe they’ll make you happy too and we sure need some happiness in the world right now.”

Shop skins in the Skyrim Fettuccine mod.

(Image credit: Skyrim Fettuccine mod)

But is it lore-friendly? “Just imagine it’s paint or the byproduct of a spell gone wrong. Or it could even be because of a dragon break!” 


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