This view has been removed from Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 1


It sounds like a joke, but the movie gave birth to that Galactic Guardians Premiered long eight years ago, which had a comedy twist that fans loved a lot. However, and like any work in the movie, it also deleted the scene and now the director of the film. James SongGive us a look at the one mentioned above.

In particular, seeing the character from the cut scene Huge As the protagonist, making a recreation is such a painting Leonardo da Vinci, “The Last Supper”Which you see Jesus With them Sent. Only this time, the wooden entity plays the role of the Messiah, along with some aliens who accompany him.

Here you can see the image:

Grout’s Last Supper. Screenshot of the original parent, which I cut from the final movie.

It is noteworthy that the director commented that the scene was dropped for a reason that could hardly be imagined, because Guns Confirms that it is an obstacle to the flow of history. He could dispel that thought for religious reasons, and if it were for the sake of conspiracy, he would be grateful for at least the extra material.


Guardian of the Galaxy There is an expiration time, at least with James Song, Because the last tape is currently in the recording with the third and last chapter on May 5, 2023. In the meantime, it will Disney Plus A series based on his own Huge And to finish 2022They are going to release a Christmas special on this same service.

Remember that they also do a cameo Thor: Love and Thunder.

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