This website collects thousands of ringtones and it’s awesome



If you want to try new ringtones on your mobile, in this online library you will find thousands of sounds to download for free.

This website collects thousands of ringtones and it's awesome

Your mobile has dozens of default ringtones that you can choose from. However, you may want to use a real word that lets you know the second you’re being called. Because don’t worry on the web Freesound you will find Thousands of different ringtones And, best of all, you can Download them completely free.

Basically, it is an online library of words published under Creative Commons License. You can use audio clips, recordings, beeps, sample… in short, different types of audio that you can use as long as you don’t have a commercial purpose. if you want New ringtones and notifications for your mobileFreesound will have many of your favorites

This website collects thousands of ringtones and it's awesome

You can find thousands of free ringtones on this website.

Freesound, a website with thousands of free ringtones

A ringtone for phone calls, another for WhatsApp messages, another for private Instagram messages… you can. Personalize your mobile with a different tone for each notification, so you can immediately recognize from which application the call or message came to you. Whether to achieve these varied sounds or have more options beyond the default tones, Freesound can be a reference website for you.

It is a library of words uploaded by users. If you enter On the “Words” tab, you’ll find the latest news, most downloaded audio and a random sound that FreeSound recommends every day. You can also find new ringtones Use search engines located in the upper right corner. For example, you can search for the word “alarm” to find words you can use for your alarm.

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When you want to listen to one of those audios, you have to Play for you. This will take you to the main word page, where You can find out more information of it, such as the duration, size or score given by users. One thing to keep in mind is that You need to register to be able to download Words.

Once the audio is downloaded, you just need to change the ringtone of your Android mobile. We recommend you Browse slowly through the entire catalog of Freesound, because that’s how you find the real gems. Not only can you use its sounds for ringtones, you can also Give it other uses As long as you respect their copyright.

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Before ending, we remind you that you can too Create your own ringtones and notificationsSo you will have the most personal and original sound.


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