This would be the Silent Hill story ranking according to Metacritic




The talk of the moment in the world of video games is comebacks silent hill The horror franchise held its respective event a few hours ago and surprised with various announcements. Many consider the story to be quite good, but according to critics, not all titles do their best, especially on the pages. Metacritic.

From what it can be seen, a personal favorite that also covers the fan section is none other Silent Hill 2 With a well deserved score 89 average. The first play of the story in second place will be with A 86 As the third place of qualification, we have the release that brought off the main story with a score 85.

Here is the full table:

locationthe gameplatformMedia NotesNote to users
11Silent Hill: A Book of MemoriesNote life5851
10Silent Hill: RainXbox 3606873
9Silent Hill HD CollectionPS37048
8Silent Hill: HomecomingPS37166
7Experience the Silent HillPSP7265
6Silent Hill 4: RoomPS27680
5Silent Hill OriginsPSP7876
4Silent Hill is a fragmented memoryWe7979
3Silent Hill 3PS28586
2silent hillplay station8689
1Silent Hill 2PS28984

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Through: Metacritic


Publisher’s Note: This is a fairly beloved story, so will obviously be placed at the top of the three main positions. This only adds to the excitement of playing 2 remakes


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