TikTok adds yearly recap feature in new update



(Pocket-lint) – TikTok has become the latest app to add a yearly summary feature, giving users the opportunity to rediscover some of their favourite videos. 

The recap is added once users download the app’s latest software, giving them a Spotify-like go-around and a personalised collection of clips that they engaged with over the last 12 months. Also included in this package are “vibes”, which are based on the kind of content users watch the most, as well as some stats on how often you commented, shared and liked certain posts.

TikTok fans will be able to access the new feature by tapping the icon in the ‘For You’ feed or on the banner in the Discover section, and, for those who have only been a user for a short time, the list will throw in some videos from the company’s own Top 100. If you happen to share your video, you’ll also be rewarded with a special badge. 

The addition is a neat way for users to look back on some moments of entertainment from a difficult 2020 – a year that has also presented its own challenges for TikTok as a company. While it’s been growing rapidly over the past couple of years – and is currently on track to surpass the billion-user mark – it’s also been banned from India and faces ongoing issues in the US. 

Of course, the negative press it’s received is combatted slightly with features like the yearly summary, since videos are shareable – thus enticing more users to sign up and take part – and remind existing users of the app’s value to them.

Writing by Conor Allison.


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