TikTok gets sued for the deaths of minors


Since it has become popular Tick ​​tock It has become one of the most controversial platforms because of the impact that it has on people, with minors imitating their favorite creators. And now, the lawsuit is going on because of a challenge called social networks “Blackout Challenge” Which is known to have ended some lives.

Taking on a rope in this challenge and starting to suffocate yourself, it may be to a greater or lesser extent, but the key is to lose consciousness to meet it one hundred percent. Some media reports that so far, five people have died trying, all in 10 to 14 years.

Thus, the parents of the boys have condemned the platform for serving as a tool that led them to do so, above all the app does not have an effective filter to verify the content before uploading it. There are even allegations of digital addiction promotion against them, due to the fact that many children access the app virtually all day long.


Tick ​​tock He did not waste time going out to make statements, commenting that the blackout challenge did not arise on the platform, thus a kind of transfer that comes from other social networks and even it has not become a trend. For their part, they assure that all videos, including the challenge, have already been removed so that this type of work cannot be promoted.

In this case, the guardian of the victim, Nyla Anderson, Shows that it appeared on the recommendation page without a specific search The case is still pending.

Via: The Washington Post


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