TikTok has launched the new Cyber ​​Security Tips initiative for Internet Security Month



Forward Internet Safety Month In June, TikTok outlined a new range Online safety tipsCreated in conjunction with various partner advisors, it is developing a new cybersecurity toolkit for families to deliver online security messages to their homes.

The main push is to work with its key safety tips Connect securelyThe Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), National Cyber ​​Security Alliance (NCA), Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), and Global Cyber ​​Alliance (GCA), TikTok has developed five key rules to help users stay safe when browsing and interacting online.

TikTok’s key tips are:

  1. Smart Surf – Be careful when connecting to unsafe public Wi-Fi on the go Don’t forget to set Strong, unique password Enable 2-step verification on all accounts, and for an extra level of security
  2. Keep it in the family – Check out the easy-to-use TikTok Security and privacy control With tools to customize your online experience
  3. Catch the right fish – Phishing A tactic used to deceive people into giving up personal information. Avoid opening, downloading or clicking Links and attachments from unknown senders
  4. Don’t leave a mark – Keep all devices and apps updated Offload apps with the latest software and unused. Before trading on the device, back up personal data, such as photos or videos, and delete all content and settings to keep personal information private.
  5. Play, watch and learn together – Download apps, watch videos, play games and stay engaged as a family to build friendships from generation to generation.

Also mentions people with TikTok New user guide For more in-depth notes on how to safely use TikTok and access its privacy and security features.

TikTok Beginner's Guide

TikTok has also launched a dedicated Summer Safety Tips In-App Discovery PageWhich Will showcase a range of popular to basic safety tools and safety tips TikTok makers And experts.

TikTok Security Tips

In addition, TikTok is developing a new security toolkit in collaboration with Global Cyber ​​Alliance (GCA)Which will provide a step-by-step overview of how people can build strong cyber security practices.

Internet security is a major concern for parents, perhaps more so now than ever before, the time that kids have spent online in the last two years, we’ve tackled the epidemic. It’s not over yet, and many young people now rely on digital apps to stay connected with friends, further reinforcing the need for cyber security education and training to keep them safe.

I know I don’t feel 100% comfortable letting my kids roam online, which is why such initiatives are so important, and with the information from the current trending app TikTok, which can resonate lessons more with young people, making sure they Takes them.

This is a good initiative from TikTok, even these five basic rules provide strong guidance for online security.

You can read more about TikTok’s Internet Safety Month initiative Here.


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