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TikTok no prevents a moment His designs and continued to propose New features to tackle social networks around the world, come For example Instagram. but what wants to show us This time?

TikTok Introduces Photo Modes: Roles are swapped here for once
Many are skeptical about what the app knows – Computermagazine.it

Does Instagram copy from TikTok or vice versa?

It has been a long time since our beloved tick tock Has achieved a prominent position in its sector, even managing to overcome absurd results that at first seemed too difficult to achieve. But it’s also true that to get this result, the app was not limited to just bringing its ideas.

And we say this in light of the fact that, from what we currently understand, it is TikTok that has been copying Instagram lately with the introduction of a function called “Photo mode” Yes, you read it right: the social network that we all love like crazy has used different cards from others. But will this new approach be formed?

New function dedicated to images

TikTok Introduces Photo Modes: Roles are swapped here for once
Is this new TikTok feature really real? – Computermagazine.it

The patch, in theory, allows TikTok users to share multiple still images in a single post with captions and up to 2,200 characters. The New photo post, which may contain music among other things, will appear on your page for users along with videos It’s clear that the new photo mode makes the page more Instagram-like, like TikTok videos shared on YouTube shorts to give a specific example.

However, creators already use the setting to share previously viewed memes and other content that is often popular Instagram, but we cannot deny a fact that bothers everyone. In fact, it is unclear to see TikTok copying the basic premise of Instagram, but that is what is happening and no one can deny the evidence.

In addition to this rather bizarre story, it must also be said that The Wall Street Journal It has been reported that TikTok is still surpassing Instagram Reel in terms of daily watch time, so despite the effort, the social network continues to dominate as the best app on Square. But that doesn’t mean TikTok is thinking of passing off every move as innovative, when in fact it could be one copy nice and good Is it starting to lose its original character?

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