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We’ve been talking about this for a while now: TikTok is working on a live subscription. Here’s what you need to know in terms of cost and benefits for both users and manufacturers

Tick ​​tock It is probably the most used social network in the world today. The rise of the bitdance giant is for everyone to see, and as the months go by, the number will increase. To fuel the event, the company’s developers are studying Some additional news.

TikTok is increasingly committed to launching live subscriptions, already available in beta (Adobe Stock)

In the d Live subscription, A way to increase the loyalty and support that users can give to their favorite developers This has been happening for some time on streaming platforms TwitchThere will be a possibility to pay a monthly fee to access the additional benefits

Here’s what you need to know about TikTok Live Subscriptions

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This is something that is already happening on Twitch, you can pay a monthly fee to get instant benefits on certain channels (Pixabay).

An innovation that matches the eye of the system used year after year Twitch. Through Live signatureIt’s not Tick ​​tock It will be possible to support your favorite manufacturers by paying a monthly fee. Clearly accesses some additional and exclusive benefits. According to what has emerged, there are three in particular: Emotions Exclusive, Membership badge And an access Solly chats per customer. For emoticons, it depends on the creator to create new and unique, usable anywhere. The same goes for badges, which will appear next to the username. Finally, chat, which will allow you to talk directly to the manufacturer.

The user must be present to start a subscription campaign At least 1000 followers And be Adult. The minimum age limit also applies to those who pay, although there is clearly no requirement for the number of followers. The new feature is already available in the beta version of the app and, soon, it should come in the stable version as well. In terms of cost, we are at least talking about 99 4.99 per monthBut it is better to wait for official communication from ByteDance.

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