TikTok: Pay attention to your privacy, the strategy to save you



A lot of good and bad has been said and is being said on TikTok. It has been defined as the most harmful social network par excellence due to some news events due to videos posted on Chinese social networks (such as the rope-tying challenge caused by some victims).

But at the same time it has proved to be a good vehicle for advertising messages and a good means of communication for those working in network marketing.

Tik Tok - Cellulari.it - ​​20221113
Tik Tok, how to personalize your profile – Cellulari.it

It may be that, tick tock However, it is always a social media, and as such it reveals what users share about their lives, be it public or private. Naturally, when approaching social media, we must consider that many people, even strangers, will come to peek at our profile, but for those who decide Restrictions on viewing your contentThere is a method.

It’s actually possible, as well Facebook e Instagram (just to mention the most popular ones), make the profile private tick tock, This makes it accessible only to those who specifically request it or to a small circle of trusted friends. By doing this, we can reveal something more personal, because it will not be seen by complete strangers.

iOS or Android: Anything goes, as long as you log in from the app

First, it must be noted that to make this change to the profile, i.e. make it private rather than public. Login from official app And not from the official website in your internet browser. In fact, it is not possible to manage your account privacy settings on the web. And now let’s see how the method changes Android e iOS

Privacy - Cellulari.it 20221113
iOS or Android: whatever, you – enter from the Cellulari.it app

to drive its “privatization”. Profile TikTok is android, First you need to enter the app and log in with your account. Once you enter your profile, you need to click on the menu indicated (…) and enter the corresponding screen Confidentiality. Once we get to the word Personal accountJust move the stick up Turn on. And you can also swipe to prevent the profile from being recommended to other users off Voice lever Recommend your account to other users.

The same method also applies iOS e iPadOS, Where once you enter the application you must go to your profile, tap on the item privacy, Move the lever up on where does it say Personal account and move up off Levers associated with alternatives Suggest your account to other users. Nothing easy.


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