TikTok: Restriction pops up, only some people will be able to use it



Is the social media world finally taking user security more seriously? After many, many accidents against children who are too young and too addicted to social networks, something seems to be changing

And it is precisely the most talked about and reviled social network, tick tock, Decided to review the rules regarding the use and publication of videos to avoid that very young children are harmed in any way by the social network.

Tik Tok Live - Cellulari.it - ​​20221021
Tik Tok Live – Cellular.it

We want our community to make the most of Live without compromising security. We believe these updates can further protect young users in our community – In an official note the company explained – We plan to introduce a new way for creators to choose whether they prefer to reach adults-only viewers on their streams.»

When the rule changes X comes

In short, starting from 23 November Next TikTok will introduce a ban for underage users to start directly on the social network. If until now this possibility was reserved for all customers over the age of 16, now at least 18-year-olds will be able to enter live on TikTok, whether it is a private video or a direct part of other users.

Tik Tok - Cellulari.it 20221021
Tik Tok – Cellulari.it

Official notes are issued bitedance, Apparently, the holding company that owns and operates TikTok, the social “dancer” who talks to his audience through music videos, mostly in dance moves.

The new rules came in the wake of the leaders’ speeches tick tock Want to identify which content is most appropriate for teens and which is for adults.

For some time, the Chinese social network has been developing security measures to limit access to certain types of content by minors, testing with a very small group of content creators who voluntarily submitted it. “Examination”.

In this test tick tock Asks its users to specify when to post and directly They were specifically aimed at an audience over 18, due to the topics covered and very strong arguments for minors who would surely be more impressed.

And this isn’t the only news to draw attention to the health of TikTok’s underage users. In fact, for some time the developers of the social network have started working on an updated version of the keyword filter tool: this type of filter will, in fact, autonomously propose new terms to users that they can add to the list of filters. It is necessary to avoid comments that may be considered inappropriate.


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