Tilta Hydra Alien Car Mounting System & Float System Update – Newsshooter



Tilta’s Hydra Alien Car Mounting System and Float System way have undergone changes that are claimed to improve their overall performance. These engineering changes, as well as new pricing, will start from Feburary 5th.

After considerable field testing, Tilta received a lot of feedback which they have taken to improve both products.

Float System

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The Float System will include some additional support that will prolong the operating time. With this new support implementation, camera operators will be able to shoot for longer without taking a break.

Hydra Alien Car Mounting System

Tilta had added additional parts to the Hydra Alien Car Mounting System that are claimed to provide a more stable image on uneven roads. Also, the new version will be able to work in temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C).

Price Rise

By adding these improvements Tilta claims that it wasn’t possible to keep the same pricing.

Hydra Alien will be going up from $999 to $1299 USD and Float System will be going up from $1199 to $1349 USD. The price changes will go into effect on February the 5th.

Tilta claims that new orders will ship out in about 8 weeks. Existing pre-orders will include these improvements.