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CanaKit Raspberry Pi Kit for Dummies Woot Deal

A combination of cold weather and a certain pandemic has left many of us in need of a new hobby. If you’re prone to a bit of tinkering, building your own Raspberry Pi projects should be right up your street. Woot is here with a one-day flash sale on the CanaKit Raspberry Pi Kit for Dummies, allowing you to get your geek on for just $49.99 ($54 off).

The Raspberry Pi is the ultimate Internet of Things device. It’s a mini-computer you can plug into keyboards, monitors, and other devices to perform all sorts of tasks, from building electronics to playing games. The great thing is that you don’t need to be a tech whiz to enjoy dabbling with these gizmos.

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The CanaKit bundle comes with a Pi 3 board, the Raspberry Pi For Dummies booklet, and a whole host of extra electronics to start connecting up. Not only can you build your own Pi systems using the kit, but you’ll also have a base hub to build robots, smart home devices, and more.

The kit alone will keep you busy, but it’s worth noting that there’s much more tuition out there to open up the endless potential of this hobbyist gadget. Here are some examples of great deals on learning kits:

The Woot deal ends at midnight, and that’s if the kits don’t sell out first — the other Pi deal on the site is already out of stock. Hit the widget below to check out the deal while you can.

CanaKit Raspberry Pi Kit for Dummies (Pi 3 Included) Buy it Now

Save $54 .01 $49 .99


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