Tom Cruise will be the first civilian to spacewalk




This actor has become known in one feature for a long time Tom Cruise, wants to do his stunts naturally and actually fly military planes. And it looks like he wants to keep experimenting, so he’ll soon take his next big step in acting and on a personal level as well.

Rumors have been rife for the past few months that one of the actor’s next projects top gun He will focus on space, as he wants to explore the reconfigurable layers that the atmosphere has to offer. And now, it has been confirmed Doug Ligman The project is going to operate, so Tom will become one of the first civilians to leave the planet with approval.

In fact, to achieve his goal, Cruise He ventured into communication NASA y SpaceXA company that, for better or worse, is neither more nor less Elon Musk. Of course, the plot of the tape is a mystery to everyone for now, it is also unknown what its title is and whether it will be released this year or not. 2023.

The film had a budget of $200 million, most of which was used for rentals International Space Station To do all kinds of shots for pictures.

This is what the director said Universal Pictures Donna Langley Related:

Tom Cruise is taking us to space. It’s taking the world into space. This is the plan. We have a big project in development with Tom, who sees you doing it. Take a rocket to the space station and fire it up and hopefully become the first civilian to spacewalk outside the space station.

More details will be given in a few months.

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