Topic 1.0: New Smart Home Standard Launched


Corresponding IoT devices are coming soon

Who: CSA

Matter was originally supposed to be released in 2021, but is now the definitive standard for smart home devices. Manufacturers can now implement version 1.0 of Matter. Appropriate products can be expected in the next few weeks.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA) has open industry standards Matter 1.0 Released Manufacturers can now adapt the software for their smart home devices for Matter and certify products for it. The open source software development kit (SDK) is available here GitHub.

Interoperability and data protection in focus

Uses standard Bluetooth LE, Wi-Fi and thread transmission technology. This should ensure that smart home devices from different manufacturers are compatible with each other and you no longer have to pay attention to the support of HomeKit, Alexa and company. Data security is also in focus, as data exchange between devices is mater-compatible encrypted She followed. In addition, no cloud is mandatory. CSA’s 280 members include Amazon, Apple, Google, Ikea, Samsung and Signify.

Who: CSA

At the end of October, the Google Nest Wifi Pro, a router with Matter support will appear – the Google Home app has been adjusted accordingly. Matters are likely to be updated for other innovations and existing devices from other manufacturers next week Also come. Initially, the following types of devices are supported: lighting and electrical, air conditioning, door locks, sensors, televisions, bridges, window blinds. Vacuum cleaning robots, large household appliances, doorbells and cameras will be added later. You can learn more about this CSA website.


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