Torchlight: Infinite Open Beta is now available for you to play – PIXEL



XD Inc. Happy to announce that players can jump into the fast-paced dungeon crawling action of Torchlight: Infinite. You can watch the launch trailer here.

Developed as a true looting-based ARPG, Torchlight: Infinite embodies everything that fans love about the genre. PC and mobile players can dive headfirst into the intense, hero-driven, action-packed gameplay. Dungeons full of treasure await to be looted and players can do so while crafting a deep skill system and generous for a range of characters.

Download and play now on the official website or on Steam on PC – Android users can find Torchlight: Infinite on TapTap and Google Play, iOS users on the App Store. Open beta testing will continue until the game is fully launched, with all player progress carried over.

Torchlight: Infinite allows fans to immerse themselves in the experience of unlimited loot while reaping the rewards of creating unique and powerful classes. Join the ARPG action today!

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