Total PlayStation 5 sales reported




Not too long ago sony released its financial results, at the same time they announced how they performed play station Plus, the online subscription service that added more formats this year However, they also confirmed the number of new generation consoles distributed worldwide with the most favorable results.

Specifically, a total of 3.3 million units PS5 End in three months 30 September 2022. Shipment numbers for the consoles matched the same period in the previous fiscal year. And that resulted in product sales of just over 25 million, not more PS4 during the same period

Here is some more data shared by the brand:

– There were 45.4 million PlayStation Plus subscribers as of September 30, 2022, down 1.8 million from 47.2 million subscribers in the same period last fiscal year.

PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 software combined sold 62.5 million units in the three months ending September 30, 2022, down 13.9 million from 76.4 million software sold in the same period last fiscal year. 6.7 million units were standalone titles, down 900,000 from 7.6 million sold in the same period the previous year. Digital downloads of complete game software accounted for 63% of software sales, up from 62 percent a year ago.

The promise of something positive for the future for now play station. Especially with games on the horizon, like the long awaited one Spider-Man 2 of sleepless Games.

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Publisher’s Note: It is clear that the PS5 will not be able to surpass its predecessor due to the current situation. This is in case of inflation, as well as in the case of pandemics that may affect the pockets of potential consumers.


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