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Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hota Studios today released two new videos for the popular open world MMORPG. Imagination Tower Before. The videos showcase the game’s creative potential and multiplayer action Imagination Tower Released on August 11th worldwide on PC and Mobile Pre-download will be available from August 9th.

The creative gameplay video showcases extensive customization options, various vehicles, open-world mini-games and transportation options. It offers a deeper dive into the sci-fi weapons that define real-time combat. The video is available here:

The social gameplay video shows how players can form teams, fight bosses together, and explore Aida’s world by flying or driving. Also, the best memories can be captured in team photos. Here is the video:

A new mini site too Imagination Tower Also went live today. On this page, players will find their Aida Tour tickets, which they can use to start their exciting journey. They make anime pictures and go to their first destination on the planet Aida. All information about the event is available here:

The shared open world MMORPG is set hundreds of years in the future after humanity escapes an environmental disaster on the planet Aida. Imagination Tower Already hugely popular with players in China, fans around the world will soon be able to enjoy the thrilling action. Players will experience a post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime style, free character development, engaging storytelling and engaging combat in an open world.

Main features:

  • open-world-rpg
  • A post-apocalyptic sci-fi anime style
  • Extensive character creation tools
  • Exciting and addictive fights
  • An open world exploration
  • Realistic physics (climbing, gliding, swimming)
  • Cooperative multiplayer mode

Its pre-registration Imagination Tower still have Official siteAlso on steami am Epic Game Storefrom App Store And Google Play available

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