Tower of Fantasy: Vera – Pixel is the main expansion playable from today.



Today publisher Level Infinite and developer Hota Studio announced the first major expansion for the game Imagination TowerVera, now for free Official site as well as between App Store and above Google Play readily available. Its members steamThe community can download and play the full game with the new Vera expansion for the first time starting today.

The Vera expansion features two distinct environments – the irradiated wasteland of the Pilar Desert and, at its heart, the cyberpunk-style city: Mirroria. At first glance, the glittering city looks like an oasis, a respite from the harsh columnar desert, but hikers soon discover that it is fraught with danger and conflict.

New missions, events, raids, instances, monsters and legendary bosses await conquering in two new areas of the Vera expansion. They have new vehicles and weapons. The biggest challenge awaits players in the Pillar Desert section, also known as the Gray Room. When entering a gray room, the whole environment becomes dark and evokes a gloomy feeling. Players can meet domestic adversaries, gray space entities. New enemies like the Puppet Singer and Shadow Leaper will prove to be formidable foes. Gray space entities come in many forms and are responsible for the increasing degradation of Vera’s already fragile environment. The deadliest of them are known as Abyssants, and those who fight them will be rewarded for being the bravest. Players must be prepared to face powerful new world bosses like the fire-breathing magma and deadly cyber-stag, Rudolph.

The expansion also introduces the mysterious new character Ruby and her unique weapon, Spark. He has abilities like Air Blast, Blaze Dive, Dodge and more. With these skills, Ruby Vera is ready to take on any new challenge. This expansion also includes a secret mission that reveals how Ruby grew up under the good care of Lin and others.

The Vera expansion also offers players the biggest rewards ever: up to 70 draws and more if players meet certain conditions and participate in events. This includes a limited-time special event for Vera, the Mirrororia Tour. Hikers can explore the cyberpunk city and become a parkour master in Mirrororia to earn limited rewards. They can take part in the Ultimate Weapon Challenge to become the strongest enforcer while earning valuable rewards like an SSR Relic and more. More details are available Official site.

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