Tragedy iPhone 14, buy now if you want It’s going to be almost invisible



iPhone 14 is in trouble again, this time affecting users too. If you want to buy one immediately, you should go ahead. The latest communication released by Apple doesn’t bode well

A few weeks ago now, apple Officially released the new in the market iPhone 14. The Cupertino OEM has several unique features at the top of its range, including the Pro models’ dynamic island, which replaces the much-discussed notch. Along with the smartphone came the operating system iOS 16.

iphone 14 20221109
iPhone 14 (Screenshot Apple)

However, there is no shortage of controversies and problems with the latest generation of iPhone users. in Various bugs and errors, Apple needs to do that too. But not only that, because there are also new issues that will directly affect users. If you are interested Buy a new modelWe advise you to hurry as soon as possible.

Problems for iPhone 14? If you want it, buy it now

iphone 14 20221109
iPhone 14 (Adobe Stock)

As predicted and as has happened in past years, new problems emerge iPhone 14. Not only related to operating system or factory defects, but also to lack of stock. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Apple, which has released one in the past few hours Press release Without so many words: “Restrictions due to COVID-19 are temporarily affecting the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max assembly plant located in Zhengzhou, China. As we did during the early stages of the pandemic, we are prioritizing the health and safety of workers in our supply chain.” And continues:We’re seeing strong demand for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, but we’re expecting lower-than-expected shipments. All this translates into longer waiting times for our consumers. We are working closely with industries to restore normal production levels but at the same time we will continue to ensure maximum protection for the health and safety of workers”.

So if you are interested in taking home a new model iPhone 14, It is better that you immediately choose which one you want and pay the asking price. Revenue for the quarter will certainly be lower than expected, given the delivery difficulties. it is “false negative”, However, iPhone manufacturers are still in high demand. We will see if the situation can be resolved in the coming months.


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