Trouble in paradise: Xiaomi to lay off 10% of workers because they no longer sell mobiles like before



The fragile state of the global mobile phone market has put the Chinese company in a delicate situation, which it hopes to address through workforce restructuring.

Trouble in paradise: Xiaomi to lay off 10% of workers because they no longer sell mobiles like before
Color of Xiaomi 13, the latest device presented by the company

Earlier when talking about the global mobile market, we already established that it is not right to get excited about it. The industry is going through bad times., something that is being felt around the world and is forcing manufacturers to make decisions aimed at reducing costs. One of them is OnePlus, who decided to cut their profit margins in the high range to sell terminals at lower prices. other More stringent measures have been taken.

According to the South China Morning Post, one of the manufacturers that is going to opt for a more aggressive approach is Xiaomi manufacturer He is about to lay off 10% of his workforce And the reason he gives is simple: you can’t keep all the workers if consumers don’t buy.

A cut that affects departments

According to the newspaper, Xiaomi will cut jobs in 2019 In smartphone category and internet services category. According to the manufacturer, benefit packages have been offered to the victims, later alleging that the move will reduce Xiaomi’s payroll by 15%.

Company He has been laying off workers all year According to the media, this is due to weak sales derived from the global situation, the country still suffering from restrictions caused by COVID-19 and cautious spending by its domestic consumers. Thousands of workers could be affected by the decision, many of whom came to the company as part of a massive hiring spree in 2021.

And that’s it Economic data is not good For Xiaomi (which, by the way, has just presented the Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro. In his own country, he saw how his sales fell by 5.9% compared to November 2021, while revenues fell by 9.7% compared to last year.

Currently being Xiaomi Fifth manufacturer in market share China, where it remains with 13% of the total.


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