Trouble with notifications on your smartphone? Here is a very simple solution



Getting constant notifications on your mobile phone, be it phone call rings or messages or notifications from various applications, may not be entirely pleasant. Even if the phone is silenced and put in “vibrate” mode, it happens that this small movement of the smartphone can be annoying in the long run.

And often you can’t help but put up with all these notifications, partly because of laziness with the various settings and silent notifications, and partly because many people aren’t able to navigate between the various phone options to operate. As notice of silence.

How to silence notifications - 20221008
How to silence notifications –

Fortunately there is Preset mode Certain application notifications are silent and to ensure that they do not disturb smartphone owners. Here is how to do it for some applications like WhatsApp, Facebook and Telegram among the most used and widespread apps.

Notifications can also be silenced from a computer

Put “silencer” on its notifications WhatsApp This is a simple procedure and can be done directly from the app settings. You can silence all notifications on Meta’s proprietary messaging system, or you can decide to silence notifications from certain chats or groups.

On a device with an Android operating system, just launch WhatsApp, go to Settings and then Notice From there you can remove notifications by ticking ON off Conversation tone options.

WhatsApp Web - 20221008
WhatsApp Web –

This is also possible in the Messages and Groups section by working on the following options: Use pop-up notifications and high-priority notifications. In these sections, you can mute notifications for both individual chats and WhatsApp groups.

For Facebook, you need to access your account by selecting Settings & Privacy, then Settings and finally the Notifications section. Once here, click on Notification Settings and toggle the Push Notifications toggle from Off to On to completely silence all notifications

It is also possible to disable notifications only for specific groups by accessing the interest section including comments, tags, reminders, etc. and choose the notifications you want to silence. Even the Facebook groups you are subscribed to can be individually selected to be silenced, without the need to silence all application notifications.

And then there’s Telegram: To silence notifications on an Android device, you need to access the application and enter the Settings item At that point you go to Notifications and Sounds, move the lever next to the notifications you want to turn off indefinitely.

It is also possible to mute notifications for a single contact or a channel or a group by pressing the name in Telegram and moving the notification lever from On to Off.


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