Trump returns to Twitter, the response is shocking This shocked everyone


Twitter is back in the news, with yet another outrageous move by Elon Musk that has blown everyone away. Tycoon Donald Trump, months after the last time, saw his account reactivated

Since purchase Twitter, Elon Musk The crest of the wave is back. The South African billionaire decided to get his hands on the social network with the least questionable decision. Just think of the maxi layoffs of some employees including top managers.

Donald Trump unexpectedly re-entered Twitter after a poll launched by Elon Musk. But the reaction shocked almost everyone (Getty Images)

But there is also the possibility of paying Check the blue check. That led to the certification of thousands of fake profiles, including some clones of masks that contained at least compromising sentences. But now there is another much-discussed aspect, news that was hardly expected and which has obviously sparked dialogue on social media: Donald Trump is back on the platform. With your account active again.

Donald Trump returns to Twitter, reaction shocking

its readmission Donald Trump on Twitter It caused much discussion. Before making the final decision, Elon Musk launched a survey on the platform for users to decide. Thus following the ideology of giving weight to his opinion and freedom of speech. at the end, with more than 51%, Tycoon has seen his account reactivated But the response was not as expected, quite the opposite.

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The former President of the United States has in fact decided, at least for the moment, to stay on his social network Truth (Adobe Stock).

The former President of the United States has actually announced to Fox News that he wants to stick to the truth His personal platform was born after the ban on social networks. Trump himself then confirmed everything on the truth page, declaring that something was the end “special”

We will see whether the situation changes or remains the same in the next few months from now. Kasturi confirmed Want to restore other accounts Those who, for one reason or another, were permanently banned from the website. It is not clear whether there will be new elections to give the people a voice or whether reunification will happen automatically. One thing is certain: Elon Musk will still have people talking about himself and Twitter, And it could not be otherwise.

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