TV Azteca broadcasts this Dragon Ball Z fight without censorship




recently TV Azteca A block aired daily with Japanese animation series, including a piece, Knights of the Zodiac, The Adventures of Die and of course, dragon ball. And speaking of the latter, they recently aired an episode that might be a bit violent today, as much as can be spent on a family schedule.

The episode in question is the one that keeps the daughter Mr. Satan, Vidal, The girl who is competing against a named character in a martial arts tournament Spopovich. However, the young woman is not ready to fight, so she is beaten in front of the entire public, a scene that would be brutal today.

Given this, some users Mexico The reaction to what was broadcast, and although it could be interpreted as negative, is quite the opposite, appreciative. Azteca 7 It was decided not to censor. Of course, it’s not known whether there could be problems with television networks at the national level, especially with regulators who decide what kind of content reaches open TV.

Note that all of these anime are block broadcasts Mexico’s Channel 7.

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Publisher’s Note: This chapter may be offensive to our days, but it’s still clear that some of Toei’s interesting side is shown. Well, in sagas like Super, blood is practically non-existent today.


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